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Hello and Welcome! I'm Danica.

I am a yogi, a devoted mom to two divine Ethiopian kids and one energetic Saluki rescue.  Married to outstanding French guy, who kissed me back to life.

 My heart beats not only for my family but also for animals, and I'm deeply committed  to protecting and preserving our natural world. Currently, I call Dubai, UAE, my home, where I find inspiration in the desert's beauty and the city's vibrancy.

I am here to help you on your yoga journey, by offering guidance both  in person and online, as well through my Signature Yoga Retreats.

As a devoted yoga practitioner and teacher, I've dedicated many years to nurturing well-being and inner growth, both for myself and my students. My teaching style encompasses a harmonious blend of invigorating vinyasa flow classes and deeply soothing yin and restorative yoga sessions. My aim is to help individuals discover inner peace and equilibrium by immersing themselves in the holistic practices of integrative yoga, which include meditation, breathwork, and asana (posture) practice. 

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"Danica is simply the best yoga teacher I've ever had.

I recommend her to every single body who looks for physical and spiritual development. Danica gave me private classes when I was in vacation in Dubai, and ever since I came back in Switzerland I am trying to find a teacher as inspiring as her. She is an incredible loving person who takes time to listen and to put her client's desire in practice. Yoga classes with her are a pure pleasure (her vegan carrot cake as well if you have the

occasion to test it!)."

—  Sarah Menen


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