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My life is nothing I could have ever imagined or planned. What at first caused me pain and suffering, turned out to be a series of blessings that led me towards my best destiny and the life I am living today. For that, I am eternally grateful. 

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I started practicing yoga while living in the United States, in the late 90’s.  

My real love and connection with all aspects of yoga started in 2005 and it’s been my healing refuge and my source of inspiration ever since.

My curious nature has taken me on explorations of many paths (professional and personal), but nothing stuck with me so diligently and deeply as yoga. I observed that the practice of yoga, both asana and meditation, were enough and I was no longer searching for something out there to make me happy, grounded and peaceful. Yoga truly walked me back home to my heart, and it continues to do so to this day. 


I enjoy teaching creative Vinyasa Flow classes that are sequenced with logic and a goal or theme in mind; Hatha classes that allow for stronger alignment and longer holds, and Restorative and Yin classes where we can dive in and land into our physical bodies in a most simple yet very profound way. 

My teaching style has evolved over the years and my personal practice changed as I became wiser. As I continued to learn more, meditation and pranayama became integrated with the asana practice and are now as important as moving the body - finding time to cultivate stillness and breath awareness. My aim is to teach from the place of authenticity, implementing years of experience of my own personal practice, and knowledge I have gained over the years through studies with the most senior teachers and scholars in the world of yoga nowadays. I hope that this shines through my teachings. 


Today I am also a mom of two divine kids, and a Wayfinder life coach.  

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