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“The mind can never be controlled; It can only be questioned, loved, and met with understanding.”



My role as a life coach is to offer you support by listening with a soft ear, to ask questions in a way you may have never been asked before, and to guide you towards unlocking your own inner wisdom. 

I will teach you tools on how to independently access that wisdom at any time, by way of calibrating and fine tuning your body-mind compass so you can make decisions that will lead you towards your best destiny. 

Shades of White Stone

In our sessions we will explore how to consistently hear and recognise your own body whispers and wisdom, and let it guide you on any matter of your life.


I work with you on uncovering any limiting beliefs that might have been an obstacle to you living your best life, and I challenge you to dive deep within so you can define your dreams, get clear on them, and see them through. 

I invite you to bring to me anything that sits heavy on your heart. Anything that keeps you awake at night or causes you stress. Anything that makes your stomach knot, your chest tight and your throat swell. Anything that makes you feel stuck and paralysed.  And anything that is good in your life, but could be even better. 

I will hold space for you gently and compassionately. As we work together, you will be amazed how even the smallest of steps can bring you so much peace, clarity and joy. And I can’t wait for you to experience it all. 



I reflect on all that I have been through to get here, and realize that I was my own life coach all along. I didn’t have the coaching tools I have today, but I had my body that constantly was providing me feedback. I tuned into that frequency often to guide me to every next step and that’s how I got here, to be writing these words.

I coach from a place of deep understanding, love and sincere interest in helping people live their best lives.


I know what it takes to get out of the dungeon. To get unstuck. To find your passion and make your life purposeful. To recognise the signs along the way, and follow the bread crumbs that will lead you to your best destiny. To live joyfully.

As a Wayfinder Life Coach, my aim is to guide you towards clarity on any and all fronts of your life. I facilitate coaching sessions using a unique style of coaching created by Martha Beck, PhD. an internationally known New York Times best selling author, columnist for Oprah’s magazine and one of the most well known Life Coaches. The coaching training was a year long commitment, in depth, using the top current research in psychology and neuroscience, along with unique teachings and techniques of Martha Beck.

I also draw upon yoga, meditation, spiritual readings and texts.
My style of coaching is creative, intuitive and it meets my clients where they are.





For an introduction to coaching or to deal with a specific issue you’d like to talk though, this might be the option for you. If you find these sessions benefical, I would encourage you to consider the In Depth Transformational Coaching Package to dive even deeper.


$120 per hour



In depth coaching involves working together for one month with 3 sessions to go deeper on any specific issue you are experiencing. It is transformational and it can bring fast results. You will notice a difference in the way you think, feel and operate, after the first session.  


$360 for 3 x1 hour sessions

$50 for an additional 30 min

If this sounds like something you’d like to explore, lets have a 20 minute, no obligation and no charge, conversation.


"Danica is far more than a life coach. She is a a saviour, a blessing, a generous soul who has the intention to awaken you in the most gentle, unimaginable way. She is an artist and has the ability to take deep complexities and simplify them in order to heal and progress from any situation. Danica has helped me beyond words. Her care, love and selfless service to my healing has blown me away. I call her my guru because as a psychologist with over 15 years experience, Danica’s approach has shown me things that have been sitting under my nose, untouched for years. Danica is smart, astute and aware. I trusted her from the minute I met her and time after time, she shows up and blows me away with her unbelievable gift. Her gift is seeing the light within you and bringing your awareness to it through gentle work and healing. Thank you Danica for everything. I will forever be grateful."


Mamta Saha - Life Coaching Client

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