Trust is greater than fear

Hello beloveds,

It's my first blog post of the year and we are already half way through Feb!

I took a little break from writing, although reflection has been constant. Actually, I find myself reflecting all the time; when I am walking my dog, when I am watching my kids play, when I am washing dishes. I find so many similarities in the every day tasks and what life is teaching us.

My dogs unconditional love and trust in me, despite being abused by fellow humans prior to arriving to a shelter, has been such an inspiration in my life. He always reminds me that love is the answer to all and everything.

That trust is greater than fear.

That forgiveness is healthier than holding on.

Thank you Beau, my fury child.

A recent reflection that evolved into my 2021 intention.

I couldn’t really force “resolutions” at the end of last year and all that “improvement” stuff, “to be better and improved” at this and that, already implies that I am not enough as I am. And that the 'I' who is not enough, somehow needs to make myself better? How ironic. So who is improving whom here?

But what resonated with me is this ... Keep Showing up.

I plastered this on a few places around my house, in the kitchen, in my yoga room, in my car even.

It is there to remind me not to be held prisoner by seeking perfection, but rather to simply show up every day towards any of the achievements I set to accomplish. To allow myself to imperfectly, and authentically, show up.